thanks for confirming it wasn’t you !

jarv2475: It’s not all hard work!

Int: By the way, new song out, what is the inspiration behind that?

you & i | san antonio 9.21.14


So, this was just pointed out to me by blueloulou2. Officially on ASCAP, Liam and Louis are not listed as writers on “Steal My Girl”. Now obviously this doesn’t prove that they didn’t write on it, but given the shade they’re throwing, I find this very interesting and odd. 

EXCLUSIVE - Steal My Girl ( Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix)

Anonymous says: Cant wait for all the gf talk when they`re going to be asked about this song


don’t everything just make sense now.

We got the gfs and 100% not gay liam the day before they release a clip of the song. A song about them trying to protect their relationship from outside influences (tbh i do think it kind of fits their situation since everybody does want their boys but anyways). So today when people heard the clip they can think about the happenings of yesterday while it’s still fresh in their mind and fangirl over the girlfriends and how lucky they are and what ideal relationships they have. 

Remember louis repeating the word”girl” over and over again though during that iheart interview lol. That’s gonna continue, but they’ll twist it so it’s full of shade I’m sure